Half of Parents Say Social Media Hurts Kids – Here’s Why
50% Of Parents Think Social Media Negatively Impacts their Kids

It’s time to re-think the use of social media, for all of us – but especially for kids.

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Half of parents believe their kids’ mental health has suffered due to social media use, according to a recent survey of 2,000 adults and 700 parents with kids under 18.

Although TikTok has implemented new strategies to protect young users, parents don’t trust that this is enough, according to Dr. Ariana Hoet.

And international politics have prompted government experts to say that Chinese ownership of TikTok is likely collecting images of and data about its users, young and old.

Social media can be used to develop positive community; but it can increase anxiety and depression, and even be used to bully – especially children.

Taking an active role in their social media engagement, instead of simply limiting their exposure, can help them feel comfortable to ask questions, report concerns, and seek help when they need it,” Dr. Hoet said.

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