FRISKY FRIDAY FIRSTS:  How Long You Should Wait Before a First Kiss Might Surprise You
Kissing on a first date isn’t necessarily a bad thing…

In fact, dating and relationship expert Julie Bekker says, if you’re on a first date there’s “no need to wait,” if your instincts tell you to go in for a kiss – and if you get the feeling the other person is into it, as well.

Spiritual guide and dating expert Heather Strang agrees:  “Every connection and couple is different.  I find it best to take the pressure off, and allow the date to follow organically.”

If your date tries to kiss you, and you’re not ready, the experts say you should be up front…  Let that person know, from the beginning of the date, that you’re looking to take things slowly.

If you don’t realize you’re not ready, until they’re actually going in for the kiss; you should dodge the kiss, as gracefully as possible.

Conversely:  If you try to kiss someone who’s not ready, you should try not to take it personally – since you’d want them to respect your choice, if the situation were reversed.

Also, if the person is easily distracted during the date, it might indicate that he or she is not that interested.  Then you really should not go in for the smooch.

BUT:  If you have a first kiss, and you think it’s awkward, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The experts say you should be wary of someone who is too comfortable on a first date…  It could be a sign that the person is a serial dater, who’s used to making misleading first impressions.

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