Wynonna Judd’s Little Sister Calls her the G.O.A.T. at Last Tour Stop

Ashley Judd Praises ‘Big Sister’ Wynonna Judd after Wy’s Tour Finale:  ‘She’s Indeed The G.O.A.T.’

On December 1, Wynonna Judd‘s 2023 Back To Wy Tour ended, and her sister, Ashley Judd, rushed to social media to show her support for her sister’s efforts to honor their mother through song.

Ashley wrote about how, when she was a child, Wynonna brought her peace and joy.  “My big sister.  My protector, who powdered me when I was an infant, let me do her civics homework when I was in 6th grade (which made me feel “big”), who taught me how to drive (it was a 1957 Chevy), with whom I compared mosquito bites after we played in eastern Kentucky creeks looking for crawdads.  Oh, yes — she happened to sing, some, too,” Ashley joked in the caption.

Three images of the sisters, backstage at Wynonna’s final concert at Knoxville’s Tennessee Theatre, accompanied the statement.

[Ashley is well-accomplished, herself.  She has starred in movies and on TV for over three decades, with several honors and awards for her humanitarian efforts.  She earned a BA from University of Kentucky, an MPA from Harvard Kennedy School and has pursued a PhD at UC Berkley in Public Policy.]  

What are your best memories with your siblings?

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