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WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER: Here’s the Easiest Way to Hang Lights on Your Christmas Tree

A lot of us look forward to the tradition of decorating our Christmas tree.  But according to the Internet, you could have a lot easier time getting that done.

A different way of hanging lights is trending this year:  Instead of wrapping them the whole way around the tree, in a circular way, like a coil,  hang them vertically.

You start at the bottom . . . go straight to the top . . . then back down to the bottom . . . and keep going up (a little less high, each time), till you need a new strand.

You could also zig-zag them horizontally across the front.  But people on social media claim that vertical lets the lights sit closer to the tips of the branches for “maximum sparkle.”

According to one source, it’s how they do the lights on the tree in downtown, Chicago.  So it might be worth a try.

Another benefit is they’re a lot easier to take off and replace if one strand of lights stops working.

Plus, they’re easier to take down, at the end of the season.

Check it out, here:  (Real Simple)

(Some woman posted a video about it – and it’s trending on TikTok.)


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