WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER:  Have You Ever Hidden a Gift So Well You Forgot Where You Put It?
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Here’s How to Find the Gifts You’ve Hidden after You Forgot Where You Put Them

You know you’ve got to hide presents really well, or the people you love (especially the shorter ones!) will manage to hunt them down.  But is there such a thing as hiding those gifts a little TOO well?

According to a recent survey, 55% of moms say they’ve hidden a present so well they forgot where they put it.

And it may happen even more often these years – because everyone’s routines are changing, post pandemic lockdown.  So, 48% of us say we’ve got to “up” our present hiding game.

That said:  By far, the most common hiding place is in a closet

  • So, if you want to hunt down what you bought for others, start there (Caution:  You may find what other people bought for YOU).
  • Then, experts say you should retrace your steps (as best you can, in your mind) from the store where you bought them.
  • Or, especially if it was an online purchase, check receipts on your credit card records, if you can…  That may trigger a memory.
  • Lastly, ask another member of your household where they THINK gifts might be hidden…  Chances are, you’ve had similar thoughts.

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