WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER:  Double Your Closet Space – for Free

TikTok Loves This Hack For Doubling Your Closet Space – By Using Soda Tabs


(Chicago translation:  “Ya know, that pop-top, on yer canna pop.”  For a true Chicagoan, a “soda tab” would be some sort of baking soda tablet.  ~ Mo)

A cool hack to double the space in your closet is brought back to life thanks to TikTok.

A user has posted a video of how to use those tabs from the tops of canned beverages, to add more closet space.

It’s by putting the tabs over the top of the hook part of the hanger, then hanging another hanger from that tab.

Of course, there are hangers which do this for you; but the simple, easy and environmentally sound hack has been a hit on the platform.  It’s been racking up almost 100,000 likes.

However:  It’s a good idea to have a really strong rod, well mounted, in your closet – or the whole thing will come down from the doubled weight. 

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