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Who Are the Worst Gift-Givers in Your Family? THESE Two.

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Grandparents and young kids tend to give the WORST gifts.  Results of a new survey reveal that the worst gift-givers, in order, are:  Grandmothers, kids, grandfathers, aunts and uncles, and neighbors.


This one stat bridges the gap between four generations:  A new study reveals that your grandparents and your kids are the “worst” at giving gifts.

This seems sort of petty, even sad, but…  People were asked to rank their friends and family, based on how good they are, at gift-giving.

Here they are, with the top rank as the worst:

1.  Grandmothers.  18% said they’re the worst gift-givers they know.

2.  Young kids.  A close second at 17%.

3.  Grandfathers.  Also 17%.

4.  Aunts and uncles.

5.  Neighbors.

6.  Adult children.

7.  Friends.

8.  Your dad.

9.  Your mom.

10.  Your partner or spouse.  So they tend to give the BEST gifts.

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