FRISKY FRIDAY:  Top 10 Partner Qualities – ‘Good Cooks or Good Looks’ or…

A survey, conducted by OnePoll (and paid for the food producer, Perdue), delved into all things related to respondents’ love lives – and how they tie into food and cooking – but not everything did.

And, “good looks” didn’t even make the list.  But good cooks did.

Researchers asked people what qualities they look for in a potential partner… and take a look at the number one answer, among the top ten:

1.  Good cook, 63.4% say it’s important.

2.  Trustworthy, 62.6%.

3.  Makes you laugh, 57.6%.

4.  Intelligent, 50.5%.

5.  You respect them, 48.7%.

6.  Honest, 47.7%.

7.  Kind, 43.7%.

8.  Similar lifestyle to you, 42.4%.

9.  Similar taste in TV shows, books, and other media, 41.9%.

10.  Similar hobbies as you, 40.7%.

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