Which Grocery Items Are Most Contaminated with Pesticides?
Study:  These Common Grocery Items Are Most Contaminated
Grandma was right.  It’s a rrrreally good idea to wash that produce, before you cook or eat it.  And it may not be a bad idea to pay a little more for organic fruits and veggies…  Here’s why.

The Environmental Working Group has recently ranked produce items in order of pesticide levels, and found that non-organic strawberries top the list.

The group tested 50,000 nonorganic samples looking for over 250 chemicals.  Strawberries were found to be the most contaminated, followed by spinach, kale, collard greens, and grapes.

In terms of clean greens, avocados top the list of least-contaminated produce.

Pesticide exposure has been linked to heart disease, cancer, lower sperm count, and other maladies.

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Do you clean your produce before eating it?

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