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What Are Your Sexiest Features? These.

If you’ve got nice teeth and five-and-a-half inches of fury in your pants, consider yourself a made man.

A new survey asked women to name the sexiest physical features on a man.  A good smile came in first . . . and AVERAGE-SIZED JUNK came in second.

That’s right:  The researchers found average-sized junk was WAY more desirable than larger junk.

The rest of the most attractive physical features are:  Short hair . . . big hands . . . a nice back . . . muscular arms . . . and facial hair.

Okay.  So straight women like a smile and average junk.  What are lesbian women into?

Their pick for the sexiest physical feature is also a good smile.  Number two?  Average-sized breasts.  Number three?  An average-sized butt.

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