FRISKY FRIDAY FABULOUS:  Woman Reveals Brilliant Online Dating Strategy…  ‘Ugly’
Woman Picks ‘Ugly’ Pictures for Online Dating—And Others Think She Is Genius
A woman on social media says she uses an unconventional technique, when it come to online dating strategy.
This brilliant user says she posts only “ugly” photos, in the hope that her dates will be pleasantly surprised when they meet her, in real life.  And the photos aren’t really ugly.   They’re just regular, normal – not gussied up nor filtered.
She also says she ups her chances of matching with someone who isn’t shallow.  She believes she’s more likely to find someone who isn’t all about looks, and who appreciates character, substance.
Initially she said she didn’t get any matches.  But in a recent update, she says she’d been on a date with someone who said she “looked much better in person.”  And she liked that this person took a chance on her, seemed like a good soul – not a superficial sort.
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