People who use lots of emojis have better DATING LIVES, according to a new study . . . they go on more dates, date higher-quality prospects, become more likely to have second dates, and have more sex.

So:  Stop holding yourself back . . . if you want to load up your texts with 19 different emojis, from laughing cat faces to every different colored heart, go for it.

Why?  The researchers think the reason someone wants to use lots of emojis is because it helps them express lots of different emotions and feelings . . . and it’s a sign the person’s emotionally available.  That translates to a better dating life.

By the way, according to Psychology Today, 38% of people say they never use emojis in their texts.  28% use them constantly . . . 3% use one in every text . . . and 2.5% use more than one in every text.

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