Tim McGraw Admits:  He Is a Specific Kind of Nut


Tim McGraw says he is always on the hunt for the best songs he can find.  And he says that’s how he came to discover his new single, “Standing Room Only.”

McGraw tells us:  “I’m sort of a song nut and I listen to songs all the time.  I listen to new songs, every day, from songwriters, and when I heard this song the lyrics hit me right away.  I mean, it’s just so well written.  There’s not a wasted line anywhere in this song.  And the melody of it, it was a little different.  I love the perspective of ‘Standing Room Only’ and what it meant.  And it’s more about life affirmation, just like ‘Live Like You Were Dying.’  It wasn’t about dying, it was about living.  And to me, this song, it’s about going out and living life to the fullest, you know, and trying to be the best person you can be.”  

Standing Room Only” was just released last week.

It’s the title track for his next album; which is scheduled for release later this year.

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