Those Stanley Cups – Still ‘Hot’ – But Are We All About Them HERE in Illinois?
Is Your State Crazy for Stanley Cups?

Which states are in a frenzy for Stanley cups?  While the viral sensation has taken TikTok by storm, many Americans haven’t traded in their Yetis, just yet.

According to Google Trends search data, Stanley is the top pick in 19 states, including Florida, Virginia, Wisconsin, and Louisiana.  Here, in Illinois, it’s Takeya.

However, Brita takes New York and Pennsylvania, while the Yeti rules Maine, Texas, Nevada, Idaho, and Washington.

Ohio is still a fan of the Iron Flask.  Montana and Alaska love Nalgenes.

What factors into buying a new water bottle?  Quality, price, and insulation are the top concerns.

(Sip a little more, and see the state-by-state map, here:  DIGG)

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