Thomas Rhett’s Candid Confession:  Struggles Chasing Validation – Why He Quit Social Media

Thomas Rhett is now openly discussing social media and his decision to stop using it.

In a conversation with Bobby Bones on the Bobbycast Podcast, Rhett shared that he quit social media because feedback affected his decision-making.

He said he relied on views to measure his success.  “I haven’t been on social media since January,” Rhett told Bones.  “It was getting to a point where, I mean, it sounds super cliché to say it, but it was just taking up so much of my time, and I was finding so much of my worth in a post.  And especially since all the algorithm stuff changed, you started to be like, ‘Man, I used to post videos, and they’d get a million views, no doubt.’  And then you start to see this thing of like, ‘Okay, my views are starting to go down.  Does that mean that I am starting to suck more?’

Can you relate to Thomas Rhett’s problem with social media?

How many times have you stopped using social media?

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