The Taylor Swift Effect?  ‘Kelce’ Is the Top-Trending Dog Name in the U.S.

Folks tend to name their pets people names, people’s last names, or character/feature names (like my Basset, Freckles).  But there’s a new trend in canine call ’ems. reports that ‘Kelce‘ is the most popular dog name in the US – and it just rose 135-percent, recently.  Who knew it was even a dog name, in the first place?  But it’s a big deal, ever since Taylor Swift started dating a certain pro-sports figure.

This particular name refers to Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce, and his superstar NFL brother, Jason Kelce.

Other popular dog names include ‘Trae,’ after Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young, and ‘Nikola,’ after Denver Nuggets MVP and NBA champion Nikola Jokic, which each rose 222-percent, and 147-percent, respectively.

Is your dog named after a famous sports figure or celebrity?

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