Study:  Muscle-Building Teen Boys More Likely to Fight and Carry Weapons

It turns out muscle-building has a connection to other, more troubling behaviors in teenage boys.

University of Toronto researchers looked at data on over 4,000 US boys in high school, and found that moderate to high engagement in muscle-building exercise is associated with physical fighting and carrying weapons, such as a gun, knife or club.

Lead study author Dr. Kyle Ganson says, “These are unique findings that underscore a likely relationship between boys’ attempts to adhere to masculine norms, such as strength, toughness, and dominance, and weapon carrying, physical fighting, and muscle-building exercise.

Ganson adds, “Through thorough and consistent education and policies related to safe muscle-building behaviors, schools and community members can collectively reduce risk behaviors associated with higher engagement of muscles building exercises for adolescent boys.”

Work up more, here:  (EurekAlert!)


  • A study links muscle-building exercising among teenage boys to physical fighting and carrying weapons
  • Researchers say schools, community members and policies can collectively reduce risk behaviors associated with teenage boys bulking up
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