Should ‘Dollar Tree’ Now Be Called ‘Dollars Tree’?

Dollar Tree Raises Prices Again

A store like this used to be called the “five and dime,” for items which cost five to ten cents.  Now, it’s quite a financial fast-forward.

Dollar Tree may soon have to rename itself “Dollars Tree.”  The discount chain confirms it will raise prices, once again, this year.  Items for sale will range from $1.50, to up to $7.

The company made headlines, last year, when it raised the basic price of items from the traditional $1 to $1.25.  Most items maxed out at five dollars.

CEO Rick Dreiling says the change will allow them to carry a wider range of products.

Is it a “dollar tree,” or money growing on trees?


Money doesn’t grow on trees…”  ~ Unknown

(…But my grandparents said it as if they owned it LOL)

What kind of things do you buy at the dollar store?

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