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Scott ‘MAGA’ Baio Sparks Online Fights with Stars He Doesn’t Know – Gets Slammed by Richard Marx?

(Photo illustration by Mary Turner/Getty Images)

MAGA’s Scott Baio Is Now Feuding With Richard Marx, It’s Getting Ugly

Who would’ve thought this day would ever come, when Scott Baio would pick a fight with Richard Marx, on social media?

While the rest of us were having lunch, Scott Baio decided to go at celebrities he has never met, by tweeting to them “Where are you now?”  To Rob Reiner, Alyssa Milano, Oswalt Patton, and Richard Marx:  “[He] is your guy! Where are you now? I’m praying for our military that was killed and those left behind because of your guy. P.S. Trump has nothing to do with this” Baio wrote.

Marx responded to Baio’s post, with this tweet: “The sh_tshow in Afghanistan has lots of multi-administration blame to go around,” Marx tweeted.  “When your racist draft-dodging hero was calling our own military servicemen and women ‘losers and suckers’ where the f*ck were you? You disingenuous [redacted] little twerp.”

Baio fired back, with a “sh_tshow” quote of his own, while he referred to Marx as “Dick Marx.”  Marx was not getting involved in name-calling, back and forth – but answered Baio’s original question of, “Where are you now.

Marx responded, “I’ve been tending to a family tragedy.”  Then he added, “Be grateful all you have on your plate right now is tweeting Fox propaganda to people you’ve never met.”

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