Parker McCollum Reveals Return to Studio – Teases 20 New Songs

Parker McCollum Reveals He’ll Be Back in the Studio Soon: “I’ve Already Written 20 Songs That I Want to Cut”

Parker McCollum‘s last album, “Never Enough,” was a hit with fans, and now he prepares to record again.  “We’re gonna go onto the next record, man,” he told Holler Country.  “We had ‘Handle on You’ and ‘Burn It Down’ as singles off this record; and I’ve already written 20 songs that I want to cut for this new album.”

McCollum says he plans to head to the studio in March.  But he will take his time, before releasing his next song.  “I’ll start it.  I’ll go in, and if it’s what I want it to be, and how I want it to sound, and we’re finding what I’m looking for, then we’ll keep cutting it,” McCollum said.  “But if not, we’ll redirect, and figure something else out.

Parker and his wife expect their first child, this year.

Who do you think it should be if Parker McCollum were to duet with another artist?

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