Mizzou Student Missing for Ten Days from Nashville Nightlife – Family Calls in Search Group

Investigators have scaled back their efforts to search for, and re-trace the staggering steps of a college student, after he was asked to leave Luke Bryan‘s Nashville bar (for conduct code violation), over ten days ago.  Riley Strain had been sent away from a gathering with his Delta Chi fraternity brothers from University of Missouri.  Police now know he had been to two other celebrity-themed bars.

Strain, who’s 22, was last seen – and caught on outdoor surveillance camera – Friday, March 8th, after 9:30 p.m.  He appeared intoxicated, as he struggled to walk away from 32 Bridge, on the 300 block of Broadway, and had turned in the direction of the Cumberland River, rather than toward his hotel.  A week later, his bankcard was found (by two civilians) on the riverbank.  Two people from homeless encampments said they had seen him near the river (where most of the camps are), and remembered him for his unusual shirt.  One of them warned a doorman that the young man had stumbled into bushes and wasn’t looking good.

His mother says Riley had been texting her, at home in Missouri, from the trip to Tennessee.  She says he had also been to Garth BrooksFriends in Low Places and Miranda Lambert‘s Casa Rosa.

Maura Myles

WSMV4 reports:  [Strain’s] family [has] reached out to the United Cajun Navy, a disaster response organization made up of volunteers, said David Flagg, the organization’s national director of operations.  The non-profit was formed after Hurricane Katrina, to provide search and rescue resources after natural disasters and in missing persons cases.  “Our main focus is to find Riley,” Flagg said.  “Our secondary focus is to ensure the safety of the people out here searching.”

Strain’s family is in Nashville; and has set up a GoFundMe page to help with the cost of their search.

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