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LIVE SMARTER NOT HARDER: Here Are New Holiday Traditions We Are Creating This Year…

Here are some of the new holiday traditions people are creating, because of the circumstances this year:  Dropping off surprise presents at people’s houses . . . doing Zoom meals with extended family . . . and having a day where everyone disconnects from all their devices.


As much as we all wish things were back to normal by now, they aren’t.  And with the holidays upon us, well, it’ll just have to look a little different.

A new survey asks if we’re creating any NEW traditions this year, because of the circumstances.  Here are the top five answers:

1.  Dropping off surprise presents at people’s houses.

2.  Doing Zoom meals with extended family.

3.  Having a day where everyone disconnects from all their devices.

4.  Making homemade decorations.

5.  Baking a specific recipe as a family.

Here’s another way to think “outside the box.”  After coronavirus canceled their holiday plans, a Texas couple decided to do the next best thing…  They sent life-sized cardboard cutouts of themselves to their grandkids.  Talk about new traditions.  🙂

Grandma and Grandpa now go all over the house.  They don’t miss any photo-op.

Missy Buchanan jokes, “I think they’re having more fun with the cutouts than they would have had we been there in person.”

The survey also reveals that there is at least SOME bright side, to not being able to see so many people in person for the holidays.  45% of people are looking forward to NOT having to answer a bunch of personal questions.  Ha!

Enjoy more, here:  (Yahoo News)

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