Stress Level:  How Many Tabs Are Open on Your Screen?
Study:  Too Many Browser Tabs Open?  That’s Connected to Stress   

How many tabs are open on your computer, right now?

All these unfinished tasks may take a toll on your mental health, according to a recent Aalto University study.

Scientists, there, have found that one-in-four of us feel stressed when our computer is cluttered, and this can lead to becoming forgetful.

One researcher puts it this way:  “Our concentration lapses when interesting things appear on screen, and then we start following links and collecting tabs,” (according to Janne Lindqvist).  It’s like running down that proverbial rabbit hole.  Time gets wasted.  Jobs don’t get done.

Multi-tasking can also lead to having trouble completing tasks.  The activities pile up, which prevents us from working efficiently.

Setting a maximum number of open tabs can help.

Learn more, here – then close the tab:  (Study Finds)

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