Jelly Roll Stops His Show to Break Up a Fight in the Crowd

Here’s your friendly reminder to keep things peaceful when you’re at a Jelly Roll show.

The singer was in the middle of the Denver stop on his 2023 Backroad Baptism Tour, and as he concluded a rendition of his hit song “Need a Favor,” Jelly Roll halted the show.

He did it to call out a fight that had broken out in the crowd.  “I don’t normally call s–t like this out, but whatever happened right there was completely un-f–king-necessary,” the singer said, pointing toward the spot in the audience where it went down.  “Y’all don’t let s–t like that happen in that section no more.  I appreciate you in the beard intervening in that, by the way,” he said.  “You don’t f–king fight at no f–king Jelly Roll show.  This is a family affair.  People are going through real-life s–t over here.  What the f–k is wrong with you?

What are your thoughts on artists stopping a show to break up a fight?

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