WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER:  Is a College Degree Still Worth the Cost?
Study:  A College Degree Is Still Worth It 
Research from both Rutgers and New York University suggests that a college degree is still worth, it in the long run.  Scientists factored the cost in terms of money, time, stress and other factors.  
The analysis examined the financials of 5.8 million Americans and found that, over a lifetime, college graduates still earn more.

Our cost-benefit analysis finds that on average a college degree offers better returns than the stock market,” study co-author Liang Zhang said.  “However, there are significant differences across college majors.”

Engineering and computer science degrees offer the greatest returns.  Degrees in education and the humanities tend to be less lucrative.

If a student has decided to pursue a major with a lower return, (that student) may want to consider pursuing additional training or education to improve their labor market prospects,” Zhang concluded.

(Learn more, here:  Study Finds)

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