If You Ever Expect to Receive Empathy It’s Time to Teach THIS
Study:  Empathy Can Be Transmitted to Others  
We need to teach each other how we’d like to be treated.  You’ve likely heard that golden rule, before.  But science adds more truth to it.
A University of Würzburg study found that people can learn empathy, based on who is around them.

Neuroscientist Grit Hein asked 100 participants to watch hands which were painfully stimulated.  Those participants also watched the reactions of other people.

When participants saw others reacting with empathy, they were also more likely to show empathy.

Unfortunately, the inverse was also true:  Participants showed less empathy, if observers had a cold response to the pain which was inflicted.

It is possible to learn positive empathy from others,” Hein said.  “However, for empathy to thrive long-term, it requires an atmosphere of mutual respect.

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