Here’s Why Superman’s Underwear Needs to Be on the Outside of his Pants

Finally:  Theory to Explain Why Superman’s Underwear Needs to Be Outside of his Pants

Does he wear “overwear” because he’s from outer space?  Superman wearing underwear over his pants is an old superhero joke.

He has this design for various reasons, including the idea that it’s simple to see from a distance; and that the inspiration for it comes from the old circus strongman outfits… tough guy strength.

Warner Bros. and DC would eventually remove this aspect of Superman’s outfit.

In the New 52, Supes ditched the red underwear, which carried over to the Man of Steel costume design.

However:  Red underwear is back in recent years, and one fan has a theory about why it’s important.  Martha Kent traditionally makes Superman’s costume from Kryptonian cloth.  What if it’s indestructible?  What if the red underwear is the only part of his costume made from the blanket he arrived in?  Superman’s underwear stays intact during battle, preserving his family-friendly image.

Why do you think Superman’s underwear is on the outside of his leotards?  

MEANWHILE:  James Gunn Talks Superman Suits

Superman:  Legacy” director James Gunn says the team behind the upcoming flick has “done hundreds of designs” of the hero’s iconic suit.

Gunn shared thIS revelation in response to a fan, who suggested that Gunn’s version of Superman should wear trunks, since they “work best.”

Gunn explained, “As we’ve done hundreds of designs, it is most definitely not that simple.”

Fans have been divided as to whether Superman should wear underwear, rather, “overwear,” again.

One social media user wrote that they had “opened up to the idea of trunks,” while another suggested that Clark Kent’s belt should “replace the red panties.”

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