Here’s How Many Questions Parents Must Answer – Every Day
Parents Answer About 11 Questions Each Day
A survey of 2,000 Americans with young kids reveals that the average parent will answer 11 questions daily.  

76% of questions concern the world.  64% are related to school subjects.

Parents say they think they can answer 42% of questions.  But when they’re stumped, they commonly turn to friends, doctors, or school teachers.

And this learning is not a one-way street:  The average parent learns something from their child, about five times per week.

All parents and caregivers can support the well-rounded development of their children by embracing a child’s curiosity, appreciating their unique talents and personalities and supporting their individual social, emotional and academic development,” Dr. Lauren Starnes Loquasto of The Goddard School said.

So, whether you have kids or not, you can understand what your parents were trying to do.   🙂

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