FRISKY FRIDAY LINGERIE LOOPHOLE:  Selling Women’s Intimate-Wear Now Requires Male Models – for LiveStream
Streaming Vendors in China Use Male Lingerie Model ‘Loophole’

Since China has banned women from modeling underwear online, streamers have a new solution:  Male models.

Men are donning lingerie in livestreams, to get around the rule, and show their clothing to customers.  Looks include push-up bras, corsets, and lacey nightgowns.

Companies, which feature women in revealing clothing, are routinely shut down.

Personally, we don’t really have a choice,” business owner Mr. Xu said.  “The designs can’t be modeled by our female colleagues, so we will use our male colleagues to model it.”  It’s unclear, for just how long this loophole will work or last.

The Chinese livestream shopping industry will be worth about $700 billion this year.

Guys:  Could you imagine if your boss “voluntold” you to model women’s intimate wear, online, to keep your job?

That’s a real “loophole” move.

Check out more, here:  (NY Post)

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