FRISKY FRIDAY FIDELITY:  Should It Be a CRIME to Cheat on your Spouse?

New York Could Repeal 100-Year-Old Law Which Makes It a CRIME to Cheat on your Spouse

For the past 117 years, a New York law has classified it as a crime, to cheat on your spouse; but it could soon be coming off the books.

The law dates back to 1907, and renders adultery a misdemeanor, punishable by up to three months in jail.

It’s been enforced only a handful of times, since the 1970’s, but, most recently, in 2010.

A bill, which would repeal the outdated law, has passed the State Assembly and is headed to the NY Senate.

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Do you think adultery should be a crime?

What would be a fair punishment – justice served?

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