FRISKY FRIDAY FEELS:  Single Parents Know What Kind of Frisky They’re Looking For
Half of Single Parents Know What They Want from a Partner

Single parents might have clearer priorities than partnered ones…  makes sense…  especially when it comes to finding a partner.

A survey of 2,000 single parents just found that it takes them 38 minutes on a date to determine if they want a second one, and 55 minutes to know if they’re interested in intimacy.

57% feel like they embrace their silly side more now.  And 42% say they’re more open-minded, after having already had kids.

48% have a clearer picture of what they want from a partner.  23% are willing to date outside of their usual “type.”

Single parents are dating for more than just sex,” Rachel DeAlto of Stir said.  “In fact, 57% of single parents say their favorite part about dating is simply having fun.”

(Check out more, here:  swnsdigital)

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