FRISKY FRIDAY FANTASY:  Would You Take a Cardboard Taylor Swift ‘Out on the Town’?
Man Who Lost Fantasy Football Bet Takes Cardboard Taylor Swift On Date

We wouldn’t really say he’s a “Swifty,” because he’s likely the opposite.  But, a regular guy, named Greig Dick, had to take a cardboard cutout of Taylor Swift out on a dinner date.  The two decided to pay a visit to a local restaurant in Motherwell, Scotland.  Swift wore a stunning black dress, and the two later joined Dick’s friends at a pub.  See, his friends are the reason:  Dick lost a Fantasy Football bet, with them.

So, even after the dinner, he had to take her to a casino, and Dick bet on “Red,” of course, in honor of his date’s album.

And he had to post it all on social media.

Commenters loved the idea, with one noting that a cardboard cutout date would be cheap, and quiet.

Now that she has finished her shows at Soldier Field, Swift will soon tour in the UK, so Dick has a chance of seeing the superstar in real life.

I wonder if Greig wore a kilt…

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