FRISKY FRIDAY FALACY:  Romantic Partners Help You Lose Weight.  No.  But THIS Does.
Study:  Romantic Partners Don’t Help You Lose Weight
A University of Connecticut study reveals that trying to lose weight with a partner does not make it easier to resist high-calorie foods…  even with the motivation of the friskiness for each other.  

The study of 64 couples shows that embarking on weight loss goals together did not help with self-control.  Couples did not necessarily start out with the same level of determination, or experience equal changes of motivation levels.

However, self-control did change on personal levels.

Sometimes people think of self-control as something that doesn’t change,” Professor Tricia Leahey said.  “But this study goes to show that, with a behavioral weight loss program that teaches behavior change strategies, we can improve people’s self-control or goal pursuit.

(Check out more, here:  Study Finds)

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