Some women say going on a hike, is liberating.  Then, just reaching the, um, peak of a mountain, is a special high.  But then, take your shirt off, ladies!  That’s a new trend, started by the hiker group, The Boulder Hiker Chicks.

To take part, women go topless, after a hike, typically at the tippy top.  According to the group, when the women reach the summit of a hike, they take off their tops, and take a group photo – just bareback – not front.  While a mountain may have no nudity ban, Instagram has.

Women join us to let loose, gain confidence, and make new friends,” said co-organizer Alli Fronzaglia.  “We began posting our shenanigans on social media.  It was part of the fun.”  So, for them:  No more “over the shoulder boulder holder.”

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