FRISKY FRIDAY FINDERS-FANTASY:  Which Is More Exhausting – Job Search or Dating Pursuit?
Is Looking for a Job Like Looking for a Date? 

Does the “Easy Apply” button on LinkedIn feel a little too much like swiping right on a prospective partner?  Some young adults think so.

You can build a fantasy of what that role looks like.  You can build a fantasy of what your life, what that person looks like,” says zillennial Grant Waldvogel.

You can apply all day to everything you see, but the only job you’re actually going to get is the one that specifically contacted you first, and sought you out, and wants you,” one Redditor said.  “It’s been similar in my experience with women.”

A Glassdoor survey of 2,600 people shows that users are split on what is more exhausting:  Dating or interviewing.

Interestingly, women were more likely to say dating was more tiring.

But instead of wondering if you’re good enough for a job or partner, it might be more helpful to think if that opportunity…  or person…  is right for you.

(Check out more, here:  Business Insider)

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