Dolly Parton Reveals her Song Which Country Radio Deemed As Too ‘Vulgar’

Dolly Parton has had many country radio successes, but she now says she thinks there should have been three more.

The living country legend recently told Vulture that radio programmers refused to broadcast three of her tracks.  Parton says they told her that one song was too “vulgar” for their audience, which Parton thinks was a misunderstanding of the song’s lyrics.

In “The Bargain Store,” Parton compares her life to a cheap store.  She portrays a woman who has experienced betrayal by lovers.  Though upset, she can recover with the right person.

I’m talking about a broken heart and how we can put the pieces back together if we’re willing to try.  I thought that was one of my most clever songs, and it’s still one of my favorites,” said Parton.  “But, at that time, they were saying it was vulgar and I was saying something else.  The bargain store, open, come inside.  You get it?

She claims the other two tunes were too progressive.

Which song would you take off the radio?

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