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Does Some Cheese Taste Soapy? How You Taste Food Has Much to Do with Your Genes

If Gorgonzola Cheese Tastes Soapy To You, Blame It On Your Genes
If gorgonzola cheese has a soapy flavor, it’s not the cheese.  It’s you.  Specifically, it’s in your genes.
Researchers in Italy looked at 219 people; and found that two-thirds of those who were surveyed said that, at least one form of gorgonzola tastes soapy to them.
They note, “It was found the perception of the ‘soapy’ flavor in gorgonzola cheese was associated with some genetic variations (as previously observed in other foods, like cilantro).”
They also add, “In the future, the knowledge of the genetic variants associated with food preferences could help to develop new personalized strategies for the promotion of consumers’ health and the prevention of diet-related diseases.”

Got a taste for more?  Devour this:  (Daily Mail)

  • A study finds some people taste gorgonzola cheese as soapy, and say they found the gene responsible for this is “associated to some genetic variations (as previously observed in other foods, like cilantro.)”
  • Some people taste radishes differently, as well as wasabi or peppers.  
  • This could help future medical remedies for food intolerances, such as garlic, onion and more.  

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