FRISKY FRIDAY FREAKISH:  Robot Kisses V Real Kisses: So Long-Distance Couples May Keep Kissing?

Chinese Kissing Device Mimics Real Kisses, Allows Long-Distance Couples to Maintain Intimacy

A gadget for remote kissing is now promoted as a means for long-distance couples, to keep up their physical connection.

The Chinese device is creating quite a commotion, online…  And, according to CNN, the device has warm, movable silicon “lips” – which simulate a real kiss – through movement, pressure, and the temperature of the user’s lips.

They claim that it can convey kissing sounds, in addition to the feel of a kiss.

Users download an app and plug their phone into the charging port to kiss.  They then video-contact their lover via the app.

Users can then send duplicate kisses.  The device’s developer, Jiang Zhongli, told China’s state-run Global Times that his college long-distance relationship inspired it.

You can see this really odd-looking thing, HERE.  But, you can’t un-see it.  Just sayin.’

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