Brach’s Conversation Hearts Will Have ‘YAAAS’ and ‘GOAT’ on Them

Brach’s  New Conversation Hearts:  ‘YAAAS’ And ‘GOAT’ … and More…

If you’ve been missing the Valentine conversation hearts, over the past two years, you’re in luck:  Brach’s now delivers their own version of the chalky goodness.  And some more popular expressions – like “YAAAS” and “GOAT” (which stands for “greatest of all time”) – will be printed on both sides.  The candy flavors will be:  banana, orange, grape, cherry, and lemon.

The original conversation hearts were sold by Necco (now Spangler Candy Co.).  But they disappeared in 2018.  The 2020 version looks very different; and production will be limited.

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