Blake Shelton Shares Moment He Sees Tattoo of his Signature on Fan – Reveals his Ink Mistake

Blake Shelton Meets Super Fan at Concert – Fan Has Singer’s Name Tattooed on Him

Blake Shelton is engaging with fans, on his “Back to the Honky Tonk” tour, and sharing some of these moments on Instagram…  like the one with a super fan who got Shelton’s signature tattooed on his forearm.  It appeared to be a heartfelt moment between the two.

The fan’s partner confirmed the tattoo in the comments, and other fans expressed admiration for the dedication.

AND, on the subject of ink:

In a recent interview, Shelton, who says he has his own regrettable tattoo, shared the story behind his ink mishap.  “It’s supposed to have been deer tracks, but there’s a chance that when I had that on there, I had been drinking somewhere in the vicinity of that time, and I had to draw the guy what I thought a deer track looked like, so he actually just gave me the tattoo that I drew for him, but it sucks,” he said.

Do you have a tattoo which you regret?  What went wrong?

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