Best Medicine for Anxiety or Depression?  Kindness – Here’s Why
Study:  Kindness Is the Best Medicine for These Mental Health Problems

A little kindness goes a long way.  A new study from Ohio State University showed performing good deeds can lead to notable mental health improvements.

The study examined 122 people, living in Ohio, with moderate t#o severe symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress.  Participants were split into three groups:  one which engaged in social activities, one which kept records of their feelings, and a third group, which engaged in acts of kindness.

While all three groups saw improvements in mental health, the good deeds group felt more connected to others than those who underwent the other two treatments.

Social connection is one of the ingredients of life most strongly associated with well-being,” study co-author David Cregg said.  “Performing acts of kindness seems to be one of the best ways to promote those connections.”

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