Do You Have at Least One Coworker Who Annoys You?  Is It THIS Kind of Thing?

If you like everyone you work with, you’re lucky – or you may be lying to yourself.   Because a new survey shows that nine out of ten of us – 92% – of us have at least one coworker whom we find annoying.  Let’s hope it’s not you or me.

Here are the 10 most annoying workers around us:

1.  Too loud.  Over 85% said loud coworkers are annoying.

2.  Gossipy.

3.  Lazy.

4.  Bad at their job.

5.  Bad personal hygiene.

6.  Complaining or whining too much.

7.  Too pessimistic, bad attitude.

8.  Know-it-all.

9.  Constantly late.

10.  Take too many sick days.

A few more bad co-worker traits from the top 20 include:  messy, too distracting, sending unnecessary emails, stealing food, eating smelly food and over-sharing things about personal life.

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(Here’s a map of the most annoying behavior in each state.  Vermont was left blank, because they didn’t have a big enough sample size.)

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