Garth Brooks:  Gonna Love Everybody and Every Body’s Beer

Garth Brooks Explains Why He Serves Bud Light at His Bar [Following Dylan Mulvaney Backlash]

It’s his party, he can serve what he wants to:  Garth Brooks says he chooses to serve Bud Light at his bar, to ensure everyone could have a good time, despite recent controversies, trumped up around the light beer.  Brooks recently opened “Friends in Low Places,” on Broadway, in downtown Nashville.

Brooks told Fox News Digital:  “How do you want to be treated?  So, when you walk in here, hopefully, you want to be surrounded by people who want to have fun.  Nobody wants to be an a** – so that makes everybody get to have a good night.”

Brooks continued, “There are two kinds of people in the world.  The good people and the people that might have a hard time being that, today.  I totally believe in people.  So, if you have another day where you want to try it, and it didn’t turn out so good, come on back.  Let’s try love, it’s a good place.”

Do you think everyone should be treated how you want to be treated?  Golden Rule…

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