You’re Better at Switching Roles Than You Might Think. Here’s Why.

Study:  We Switch Between Social Identities Seamlessly 
If you wake up, sometimes, and think, “How am I going to do it all, today…  be all the things I need to be, do what I need to do?”  Well, take comfort in this.
We all have multiple social identities, for example:  employee, parent, friend, or even a fan of a particular sports team.
And:  University of Exeter researchers have found that switching between these identities is effortless.
Researcher Anna Zin explains, “We were surprised to find that these switches are extremely effective—people can switch quite rapidly, with no apparent difficulty.  We might have little control over these switches.  For someone working from home, it may be important to stay in a professional identity—but our findings suggest you could easily be drawn away from it.  The next stage of our research is to examine these possible drawbacks, and whether steps such as having a dedicated workspace at home can limit them.”

Learn more, here:  (EurekAlert!)

  • A study finds that people can switch seamlessly between their different social identities—for example, between being an employee and being a parent, or even being a fan of a particular sports team
  • Researchers note that because switching is so easy, it could be a bad thing, as we have no control, and more research will look into that

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