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You Know Dark, Milk And White Chocolate — But This Is The Controversial Fourth Type

Chocolate is one of life’s many pleasures. Normally you’ll find it in dark, milk, and white versions, but there is another flavor of chocolate that is very controversial.

If you’ve watched “The Great British Bake Off,” you’ve heard of “Ruby Chocolate,” the Barry Callebaut creation has been referred to as, “millennial pink,” with a fruity taste.

The “Ruby Chocolate” was first revealed in 2017 at an event in Shanghai. It comes from a blend of cocoa beans from Brazil, the Ivory Coast, and Ecuador.

The pink color comes from ruby cocoa beans that give the chocolate its color after the beans are pressed. However some say the “fourth chocolate” can’t really be called chocolate, “I’m not convinced that it’s the fourth type of chocolate along with white, dark and milk,” chocolate expert Angus Kennedy told Business Insider.


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