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KID NEWS: Kids Who Have Food Allergies Are Often Targeted by Bullies

Life isn’t easy for kids with food allergies.  In fact, it can be horrific. 
Researchers with the Children’s National Hospital looked at 100 kids with food allergies…  They found that nearly one-third of them had said they had been subjected to some form of food allergy-related bullying.
But only 12-percent of parents knew that their child was bullied, for this reason.  Among kids, who reported that they were bullied, two-thirds had been verbally harassed, teased, threatened, intimidated, or criticized because of their allergy.  It’s born of ignorance – usually a lack of education in the family or locale of the bully.
Just over half of the bullying victims said they had been subjected to physical taunting—some had a problematic food tossed at them, or even slipped into their meal on purpose.  That can be deadlydepending on the allergy.  
Health experts say parents should ask their kids about any bullying they may experience.  And if bullying does happen, they should make sure their child understands that it’s not OK – and get teachers and school administrators involved.

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  • A study finds that about a third of kids with food allergies report being subjected to some form of bullying related to their allergies
  • Experts say you should make sure your child is aware that this bullying is NOT OK – and get teachers and school administrators involved – to STOP it

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