You Get to Meet Your Musical Hero – But Megan Moroney Stepped on Hers (Miranda Lambert)

Rising Country Star Megan Moroney Details Disastrous Meeting with her Idol Miranda Lambert

Rising country star Megan Moroney got to meet her musical hero, Miranda Lambert, but it wasn’t exactly a dream experience.

The 25-year-old singer talked about meeting the “Mama’s Broken Heart” artist and accidentally, almost breaking her foot, by stepping on her.

During a recent interview, Moroney was asked about her dream collaboration – whom would she choose?  Miranda Lambert.

Then she revealed that she’s already met Lambert, but not as she had hoped to…  Moroney said, “I accidentally stepped on her, at Red Door…  I had just gotten my fake ID taken at Nudies on Broadway, I was in there, I was literally in sweatpants.  I stepped back, and I stepped on someone on accident, and I turn around like, ‘Oh my God, I’m so sorry,‘ and it was Miranda Lambert.  I was like, ‘I am really so sorry.'”

Have you ever met a celebrity in such a way?

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