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You Could Buy A Ghost Town

Abandoned old cottage in woodland at night

Visiting a ghost town is one of the closest things we have to time travel. If left undisturbed, the town remains suspended in time; perpetually stuck in the year it was abandoned. Fortunately, some ghost towns have been incorporated into state and national parks, which tend to leave them in their state of natural ruin, the most famous example being the former gold mining town of Bodie, California. But there are at least 3,800 ghost towns located throughout the United States (in a variety of conditions), and on occasion, entire towns are up for sale.

While owning your own ghost town may sound great in theory, in practice, it could be a very different story (depending on what you want to do with the abandoned property and structures). Before even getting to that part, you have to go through the process of purchasing the ghost town, which, it turns out, is a little different than buying your average not-abandoned home.

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