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WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER: Gap on Your Resume Due to Pandemic? Don’t Worry.

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Expert Says:  “Don’t Worry About Gap on Your Resume Due to Pandemic”

Unemployment soared to historic levels last year, as people lost their jobs due to the pandemic; and many took a long time to get a job again – or may still be out of work.

But LinkedIn career expert, Catherine Fisher, has told CBS This Morning that people shouldn’t worry about pandemic-related gaps on their resumes.

Fisher said, “[R]ecruiters tell us that they kind of expect that many people are going to have a gap.”

Fisher offered some advice about getting back to work again:  “What they’re looking for is, what did you do during that gap?  Did you learn new skills, did you get new certificates?  It’s how you take that time to be creative and learn new skills, because we know that skills are really what matters, these days.”

She said that if you want to apply for a job, which doesn’t match your experience, look at what kind of “transferrable skills” you have.

Fisher also named some of the industries making a return from the depths of the pandemic, including entertainment, recreation, travel, software and information technologies.  She added, “As people get back out, they want to be entertained, they want to travel and then want to go on vacation . . .

See more, here:  (CBS This Morning)


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