Today’s the day!

Every Tuesday, Cookie Monster hosts a little party for kids – a live chat – to cheer up kids, during this first-ever pandemic.  It can be a scary time for kids…  but their (our!) beloved friend from Sesame Street wants to reassure us all that everything will get better.

Plus, Cookie will chat with kids about staying healthy.  Kids can get his expert answers about washing their hands – because all of his cookie messes have made him very good at hand-washing!  The googley-eyed, blue furball will also help kids pick healthy snack options, while they’re home.  Even a Cookie Monster knows you can’t live on just cookies!

Parents help kids get online for the chat, with either Facebook or YouTube.
The series of chats are called “Snack Chat,” and here’s the complete story from Delish.

PS – Did you know that Cookie Monster is originally from the north suburbs of Chicago?  Yep.

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